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German Cruz
-Software Engineer

Currently living in Springfield, Missouri, I'm a Software Engineer with a keen eye for seamless user experiences and robust back-end systems. I approach software development with the adaptability and innovative mindset. With experience across the full spectrum of web technologies and a role in shaping the future as a board member at Springfield Devs, I bring a blend of technical know-how and community spirit to the table.

What interests me about working for Workhelix is the company's commitment to implementing scientific methods into workforce management and it's main focus to create a dynmic work place environment. At Workhelix, I see a unique opportunity to apply my full-stack development skills through my extensive experience with technologies such as Ruby on Rails, React, and PostgreSQL. I look forward to contributing to the company's mission of creating a more efficient and productive work environment for all employees. I am confident that my technical skills and passion for innovation will make me a valuable addition to the Workhelix team.